Terms & Conditions

Our first priority is to help our clients in any way we can, so our Terms and Conditions are as brief as possible. We think you will find them fair and reasonable.

Terminology: in these terms and conditions "the vendor" refers to Global Brands Protection Ltd, its proprietors, partners, directors, employees, agents and sub-contractors as may be; "the client" means anyone purchasing goods or services through this site or perusing this site for information.

Use of this site: this site is provided solely to convey information about the vendor's goods and services and to enable customers to purchase such goods and services. Any other use of this site is not permitted or authorised by the vendor and may lead to the vendor seeking legal redress for any damage caused.

Product warranty: goods and services are provided through this site in good faith and subject to the consumer protection laws of England. Any legal dispute concerning such goods and services shall be subject to the laws of England. In the case of goods and services obtained from third-party suppliers such goods are warranted by their manufacturers as fit for purpose and as legal for sale in the United Kingdom and no further warranty is provided by the vendor.

Any claim of deficiency in goods or services provided by the vendor shall be notified to the vendor by the client within 30 days of the date on which the goods or services were provided otherwise the vendor may disallow the claim without further investigation or explanation.

Payment and funds clearance: any goods provided by the vendor remain the vendor's property until payment for such goods has been made and cleared in the vendor's bank account. This applies also to any tangible material such as manuals or electronic media supplied as part of a service contract and to any ongoing service such as internet facilities which may be withdrawn.

Confidentiality: any information given to the vendor in any form is confidential, and we will never pass on personal information to other companies or individuals for commercial use. However, the vendor shall comply with any request for information made by the police or duly authorised government body or to satisfy legal requirements of disclosure.

Liability: the maximum liability of the vendor shall be limited to the cost of goods and services purchased and paid for by the client. No claim of consequential damage will be accepted.

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