Secure Track & Trace 2D QR Encryption Solutions

The growing problem of counterfeiting and fraud threatens businesses and consumers in nearly every region of the world. Fake products deprive legitimate businesses of revenue, and undermine consumer confidence in their brand names.

The damage done by counterfeit and fraud affects both the brand and the domestic and foreign subcontractors that supply materials, components, and finished products to the brand owner.

Consumers are also adversely affected because they are deceived into buying fake products that do not meet the brand owner's standards. Some can also pose health and safety hazards. Name a popular brand, and there's likely to be a counterfeit version of it available somewhere in the world. The World Customs Organization reports that counterfeit goods account for around 10% of worldwide trade, worth an estimated $650 billion annually.

Brand Protection, Anti-Counterfeiting and Track & Trace Solutions

Harrington Group's CryptoCodec provides a new military strength encryption technology that adds an unprecedented level of security to 2D/QR Barcodes, RFID and other Data Storage Systems.

  • Encryption method does not significantly increase data size.
  • No mathematical algorithm is used for encryption.
  • No web-database is required to make sense of the data (therefore no hacking/crashing).

Harrington Group also developed a diamond-tracking solution for magnifying a 2D/QR encrypted barcode, laser inscribed at 112 microns onto the diamond's girdle, so that it can be read by a smart phone and sent for decryption. This technology is fully compatible with existing barcode standards and works with the many scanning apps available for smart phones.

Widest Possible Scope of Application

The encryption technology can be used for digital marketing, authenticating, tracking, tracing, and protecting:

  • ID Cards (DL, SSN, Passports, etc.)
  • Checks
  • Bank Guarantees
  • Documents
  • Consumer Goods
  • Products

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