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  • There are an average 13 billion searches per month for luxury brands.
  • 120 million of those searches are diverted to fake sites.
  • Each day an average of 6,600 new fake sites are added to the web.
  • An average of 250 million new images added to the web every day.

Mark Monitor

Whether it's cybersquatting, counterfeiting or libelling your brand's name, the results can mean significant damage to your revenues and reputation. What's worse, these criminals slip under the radar, being unseen by even the world's largest organisations.

"Growing by 9% worldwide each year, the Internet is opening up many more doors for cybercriminals."


Protecting and Promoting the UK in a digital world is the titles of a whitepaper by the government and demonstrates the concern at national level for business responsibility in online strategy.

With comments from Prime Minister David Cameron and Minister for Cyber Security Francis Maude.

Download the document (pdf file) HERE

A 'must read' from the International Trademark Association - explaining the crucial nature of trademarks and their contribution to growth and profit.

To learn more you can download the pdf document HERE

"Hackers Shake Web to the Core!"

An article in USA Today News demonstrates the level of worldwide fake site vulnerability even when digitally signed certificates had been put in place! - sometimes simpler solutions can be more effective!

Download HERE

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